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A Photographic Retrospective

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My Journey Through Time

I have retired from business, it was a journey from manufacturing in metal stamping the last 25 years that led into machining and die building. Along the way we started making welded steel tubing from  a used tub mill. Those were adventures that I new nothing about except watching others and reading with a lot of luck. Not a recommended method for anyone. Before that a family business in meat packing that I began with out of collage, as you might have imagined, no prior  experience. So that is the same sprite I launched into Photography.

Helping Make Moments Last Forever

Many years ago my only sister found a case at a Chicago street sale containing a Leica IIf with some early lenses dating to about 1950 padded in foam and made a gift of it to me. I have always been fascinated with old mechanical stuff and played with it briefly only to trade it on camera for my daughters. At the time I was using a Nikon film camera without much thought about the art of taking pictures. My interests evolved later in knowing more about taking pictures and Leica as a brand, then I discovered E-Bay and older used Leica equipment for sale. It was a time when grandsons discovered their grandfather's closets with Leica cameras and sold them at auction. That kindled my curiosity and I started collecting. I joined the Leica Historical Club and so began the hobby and expanding photography experience.      

Digital began evolving in earnest while I was deep into film development, technics, and simply taking pictures only to discover I was scratching only scratching to the surface. The art of it all was changing rapidly and like so many I began to be pulled in many directions including digital. Then Adobe expanded its capabilities in every direction. But that collection older of older Leica cameras and lenses pulled me back to explore film, as a medium with digital. 


My portfolio with Creative Cloud


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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